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Friday, April 17, 2009


MARYJEAN RANALAN BACORRO was featured in the past blog posts of my other blog, Empowered Mom. She is a fellow Atenean suffering from kidney failure. And because life is hard, it takes a long while before she could get her kidney transplant.

How I chanced upon her sister outside the MOTHER'S HOUSE is God's will. She handed me a letter, Mary Jean's solicitation letter for financial support. I could not give her anything that day except the last P 50.00 I have in my pocket. So I told her I am going to help her in anyway I can. So I blogged about it. Luckily, Soul Anchor of The Balance Between the Soul and My Humanity read my blog and immediately, she sent for help. It was so good that God's calling is answered immeasurably. Mary Jean's need was answered with Soul Anchor's help. God bless her abundantly for that. And what I really like about it is that, she personally gave her help to Mary Jean. That adds up to giving Mary Jean the moral support she needs, apart from the financial side of all these.

As the official VDAY Community Organizer for VDAY Worldwide Campaign here in Cagayan de Oro City, I decided to include Mary Jean as one of our beneficiaries. I was so happy with the output of my blogpost. Unfortunately, with VDAY 2009 coming, we can not yet give Mary Jean the help she needs, as the process follows that I shall give out the beneficiary's share after everything is done--the shows and event activities, fund raising and information drive. That will still be middle of next year. Mary Jean's need is immediate. The one thing I can not address now. So I came with the $1 DRIVE TO SAVE A LIFE. A fund raising campaign for Mary Jean's immediate needs. I have designated a paypal donation button for that and ALL WHO WISH TO SHARE THEIR BLESSINGS will only have to donate $1.00. That is not too much, I think. I mean, we bloggers have our won means of earning online, speaking for myself that is. But seriously, it won't hurt a bit.

Anyway, if any of you wish to participate, simply click this link and make your donation there. And don't forget to LEAVE A COMMENT & YOUR LINK.

Thank You so much and May God Bless us All...


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