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Saturday, April 18, 2009


If you consider yourself BIG & BEAUTIFUL, then I am inviting you to join us in the bbw chat rooms my girlfriends and I frequent. It is a fun place to be. You will be able to meet many people from all races, from all walks of life, and you will not feel discriminated because all of us there will make sure you feel at home. Gone are the days where chat rooms are said to have exclusivity for those who are on the narrow side. Big beautiful women also can boast of the place we can all our own.

My friend Fiel met the most wonderful woman in this chat site. So maybe, if romance is what you are looking for, then maybe you can find it there. If it's networking for business contacts or plain friendships, all the more you can be assured of finding it there. A good friend of mine, Felize, found her ever loyal secretary from the site as well...

Hmmm.. Not that I am campaigning for people to be able to find other people, but think of the fun you will be able to experience while there... Sign up is free, so what are you waiting for? Join us today. Visit for more details.

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