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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey guys, I would like to invite you to join aggregators. You can actually create your own or you can join mine... I would be very happy to have your blogs be part of my aggregators. That way, you will be able to gain more visitors for your site. Isn't that amazing?
The reason why I created my aggregator is for my blogs to have a common widget where I can place in all the blogs that I have. Therefore, whichever blog they visit, they will have a link to the other blogs that I have. And if they are interested, they will soon visit the other blogs as well...

This is how my aggregator looks like:

If you click on the green plus sign you will then be able to add your blog to my aggregator... And of course, you can then be able to place a membership widget on your page...

You also have the option to use a ticker widget, which you can place above or below your posts, or wherever you deem them fitting...

This is how a ticker widget looks like...

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