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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Many people nowadays are anxious about money making. Some go abroad to work or find a greener pasture. Some enroll themselves to another course or a second course to match the demands by their prospective endeavors, be it abroad or here in the country. While still others blend into the economy as business persons doing wholesale or retail. Wholesale is advantageous for business owners, and retail is an advantage for the consumers. But a wise business person would try to learn the art of retail management, to enhance the business and make it grow in the process.

The retail business is actually a good alternative since it is in the retail industry that people who can not afford to buy goods at large amounts, will still be able to buy the goods at retail prices. In fact, this is common in the small villages that do not have easy access to the market. I remember buying 1/4 kilo cooking oil instead of buying the gallon at the supermarket at the neighboring store. I was also able to buy shallots, ginger and eggs by the piece and not by the kilo that it was originally sold in the market. It is convenient on my part, and economical too. Now, I have also noticed that even beauty products are packaged in retail already. So people need not buy the bottle because their favorite products are now available in sachets. So goes for important products like toothpaste, shampoo and the like. Even colognes are now available cheaper in smaller packets and bottles. Come to think of it, retail is teh driving force in the economy... won't you agree?

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