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Monday, April 27, 2009


San Jose Plumbing reminded me again that I need a plumber to look into the twisted and broken pipes at the orange house. Whew... Living alone is quite challenging. What with the many things that has to be taken cared for. But of course, my parent's house is just a few houses away... I could always call on my father in times like this. But then again, I just wanna be the big girl that I already am. No more time to cry for broken pipes... after all, it only takes a plumber to look into it and get the job done.

So today, I went around the village and asked around. Someone recommended a name, gave him my number and asked if the plumber on recommendation can come over to fix the pipes before Thursday. Still waiting but no one has ever knocked on the door yet... Hmm, maybe tomorrow...

Anyway, the site I viewed, has given me much insight about plumbing work. Sadly, the site does not include plumbers in my area. How I wish...

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