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Friday, April 24, 2009


I love Oprah Winfrey... She is by far the best celebrity I have admired the most. There are many others out there, but for me she stands out from the rest. I feel that every time she is able to help a person, a family, an organization or an animal, she really has her heart in it. That is what I like the most. We all know that Oprah is one of the many influential persons in the world. What Oprah says is like a prayer or a song. Followers will end up being influenced if not touched by this amazing woman. If there should be an award to be given, apart from all the awards this lady have already received, it should be the Best of the Best Awardsm as seen on direct satellite tv. Oprah has changed many lives. She has become an instrument for peace, unity and love---uplifting the lives of the ones she has helped and even us, who are only witnesses to this miracle are touched by her example, in one way or another. Wouldn't you agree?

She can also be a recipient for BoB Awards, also seen through direct satellite tv. Another special award giving body that gives honor to people like Oprah. One of the persons Oprah has helped that I am truly grateful for, was the help she has extended for Charisse Pempengco, The Philippine's Child Wonder... The Nightingale that has touched lives also with her powerful voice. It was Oporah who gave Chariosse the break othaot the child needed fr her career. Oprahbelieved in her so much that she invested in her talent. And teh rest is history for Charisse. Truly, Oprah is a very good example for all celebrities out there. She has used the "power" she is gifted with in the most positive way. And with that I salute her...

Hmm... If i am to role play, I would say to you guys, "Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards..." But of course, with Oprah, she does not have to say that. I am pretty sure, you guys will nominate and vote for her to have such an award... Am I right?

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