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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Guess what? We did not have to go to the parlor for Lili's new hair. I did this.. Well, as you all know, I have enrolled myself in cosmetology once...and that was a long time ago...hehehe... It was under the NON FORMAL EDUCATION of DECS, now it is already known as ALS or Alternative Learning System of the Department of Education...
Come to think of it, I have already saved a lot by doing the cut myself. First, we saved on the fare.. about P 36.00, then the haircut itself which will cost P50.00 to P75.00 depending where we will go to have it done, and the most expensive of all? The trip to Jollibee... hahaha... I usually bribe Lili with anything she likes at Jollibee when I want something that she needs to comply with... Of course, we have fun in the process..

Never mind the strands that you see protruding... I did not use a blower you see... Her hair was still wet from the shower when we took this pic...

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