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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Online Chat Rooms

Must be crazy that I am now always found in Online Chat Rooms...well, not really crazy. I love meeting people, you see. Contrary to what others speak of chatters, I just here for fun.Besides, I learn new things from the people I come across with. Not to mention new tastes and ideas. I am now able to understand a few more traditional customs of other nations than before. Thanks to online chatting. In one particular site, I am able to mingle with single moms like myself, and we got to share ideas on how to raise our toddlers. Hahaha...Now we chat from time to time to exchange for recipes...

I wonder, maybe in these chat rooms I will be able to find my soul mate. Someone far better than Lili's dad. Someone who will not make me cry and suffer anymore. Someone true and sincere...and so on and on and on...Whew...well, only God knows really...

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