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Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Day at the Beach...

This is actually a late post. Last Monday, December 1, 2008, PGMA declared the day a holiday in lieu of the November 30, 2008 holiday which had to fall on a Sunday.. And what better way to celebrate a holiday than to spend it with the family on the beach... however, when we reached Opol, all the cottages were taken and the beach resort full of people., and it was still 6 am when we arrived there. Armed with all our food and stuff and all beach preparations, we decided to move elsewhere and turned the other way. Off we went to Bayabas to visit a family friend who lives there instead. Their house is just a few meters away from the beach...a public beach. The last time we visited them, the waters were clean and the beach is just near.."high tide"... When we got there, the beach is so far away..."low tide"... there were not much a number of people there, except for the fisher folks and the locales of the area who were there to stroll or to pick up seashells, mollusks or sea weeds...there were also fishermen with nets and local folks bathing using shampoo and soap, lol...

Since it was low tide, the shore is completely in disarray and all the things underneath could be seen... also, since it was not a white beach, the beach was a bit muddy but only on some parts. There were portions that are clean and suitable for bathing. So when my family found the spot to bath, immediately they went to the water. Zarelle did not like the beach at first, so what we did was stroll around and found a cage with two eagles, three piglets and two ducks, beside it, another pen with three peacocks. Beside that pen are two separate stables which were empty as the horses were grazing out the fields... So to appease my daughter, we took pictures of the things we saw around us, and she told me "Mommy, blog nimu ni no? Upload dayun sa friendster ha?"(in English: Mommy you will blog about them? Also, upload them in friendster ok?)...and that's just what we did... a little pose here and there and everywhere... she had fun... afterward, we went back to the spot my family are swimming in, and my father took her and she at first was reluctant to go, but a little later, enjoyed herself too. I was left by the shore as I continued to take pictures for my went out of the water and we had breakfast...after that, they went for another swim and we went home before 10:30 am...Zarelle slept when she reached was fun...see the slideshow below...

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