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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are You looking for a Lawyer?

Are you are looking for Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys? I certainly am not. Hehehehe...I am just fascinated with the site I am browsing right now. Well, it says here that the lawyers of Kestenbaum Eismer & Gorin LLP belongs to the top 5% among US Law firms who are specializing in criminal defense. Accordingly, I read that the firm partners are former Los Angeles prosecutors. TOUGH!!! I bet they never lost a case.

Anyway, I came upon their site when I googled for defense lawyers...huh?...This VAWC case I filed really drives me nuts. Imagine, I am the complainant and yet, here I am looking for something to help the defendant?... Am I totally crazy or what? Well, enough about that. I just had a very full day today. After the mediation hearing at the Philippine Mediation Board, I just feel so drained. But at least it was our last meeting there. Our case is going to be forwarded back to the family court. We just need to wait for the next subpoena for the schedule. With the VAWC case I filed against L, I am sure he will need the services of a good lawyer. His lawyer will soon be resigning, so that explains the googling for a new lawyer. Crazy or what? I filed a complaint and then I am the one looking for a lawyer for him? Nuh...actually, I just want to see if there are lawyers available online for our case. I have my own lawyer, and she's for FREE, since lawyers for the VAWC case filed are given free lawyers under there is really no problem with me....He didn't make it. He was stubborn and conceited today. And to free himself, he wanted me to sign a partial agreement? HUH! A partial agreement? hmmp... I may have made a mistake with him, as a blurry choice in the past, but I am no longer stupid and naive. I did not sign anything. Why should I? So he will be saved while I continue to live in despair? I guess he will need a lawyer who is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome--that is, for him to win against the criminal case filed against him. He failed in the civil case, now he has to face the criminal side of VAWC. He needs to hire a new lawyer ASAP.. My lawyer on the other hand, is said to be good at the case. She is also an experienced lawyer in VAWC Cases., and I do not have to pay for her services....(what I mentioned above). Just like the lawyers in this site I am browsing, Kestenbaum Eismer & Gorin LLP, where, many of their clients do not have much to pay for expensive lawyers. With the years of experience in the criminal justice system in Los Angeles, California, they are able to deliver a good defense in a budget friendly manner. And just like the lawyers on the site I mentioned, my lawyer is an aggressive criminal lawyer who will work diligently to protect my rights and my daughter's as well. To be fair, I hope he gets someone who will help him too. But of course, I hope and pray justice will prevail. I did not file the case to hurt anybody. Not even myself or my daughter. I am just looking for justice, that it be served.

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