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Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's three days more to go before Christmas. Surely all of us have already whispered our wishes and prayers. All of us may have already expressed our wants and wishes for the yuletide season. All of us may have already told everyone our wish list. HAHAHA...That sounds like ME, lol...Well, of course. I have been hinting everyone and getting what I wished for. But still, I got a wish that has not been answered yet. Remember my Santa Claus experience in my previous blog post? Well, the experience was so great that it has bugged me up until now. I want to do it again, and again and again---and I did. hahaha...even my daughter joined me in the act. She too was so excited to be sitting on Santa's lap electronically. And she even asked for another set of dolls and dollhouse. Oh my goodness. We really looked cute and happy in the pictures we uploaded. But of course, there's more to the experience though. With my daughter liking the experience as much as I have, I want the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame for myself too. And since the transfer was so fast, as the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame receives photo's from the PC or Cellphone through Wifi connection, my daughter said that she will send Santa a gift electronically too. I could hardly believe my ears. My 3 year old has really picked up the pace. I guess with the experience, she was thinking, North pole is really just a photo away..Hahaha..

Anyway, since we are here in the Philippines, I can not do anything to own that baby for free, unlike 18 year old (and above) residents of the United States and/or Washington D.C., who could also engage in the Sit on Santa's Lap experience and join the sweepstakes, where 1 random entry selected for each day of the contest gets a cash prize of $500...that's $500 per winner. Wish I could win that too. Oh I want both...Santa, hear me please...wink..wink..


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