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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sit on Santa's Lap and Make a Wish...

Christmas is in the air. Yesterday, I just received two gifts from my wish list and mind you, they really did come true. I simply announced to everyone in my friends circle what I really wanted to get and when to get them, taking into hint that Christmas is fast approaching, lol...Well, if you got a wish all you have to do is say it, right?

Which reminds me, when we were younger, we always go to the mall and visit the Santa Claus on duty, lol... well, there is always one Santa Claus on duty in the malls when the Christmas air fills the malls... that's how we come to strongly believe in the big guy, right? I mean, personally, my parents have always been instrumental in my belief in Santa...and on being good, hahaha... but seriously, I think that is not a bad thing as it has contributed to the "goodness" factor in kids. So, as children would verily wish for Santa to know or hear his or her wishes whispered on Santa's ears while sitting on his lap, would line up no matter how long or how far the line has already reached...if only to let Santa know what he or she is aching for... sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, I used to clamor for Santa's attention when I was little, and now is my little girl's turn as she is already excited to go to the mall for this one time experience for this year...hahaha, and mommy already knows what she wants because she already told me what she will tell Santa...

Well, this belief in Santa will be much appreciated when these children now would grow up and realize who Santa is, just like me. But like what I mentioned in my previous blog, I would very much like to keep the tradition going, so my little girl will have her share of the Santa Zarelle will also sit on Santa's lap, whisper her wishes, and find them under the Christmas tree come December 24, during the Noche Buena...never mind if teh gift is kinda expensive, as long as she keeps being good because good deeds are always rewarded... I guess that's just what my parents wanted to point out while taking part in my Santa experience...

Anyway, for us adults, if we wish to rekindle our Santa experience, we can actually do that without sitting on Santa's lap at the mall, hahaha, am sure you guys will feel silly if you do that ... at our age? Wahahahahhaha... but hey, there is a way that is not much of an embarrassment  if that's what you are afraid of, embarrassing yourself by acting like a child again...See, there is this site I visited and all I did, instead of sitting on santa's lap, was upload my photo, and santa receives it through his CEIVA Digital Photo Frame, which sports an 8 inch high definition display and can receive pictures from a cellphone or from a computer via WiFi connection. Now, while you are uploading your picture, your wish will even be listed on Santa's book! Amazing huh? I really had fun doing it. When my daughter Zarelle saw the video, and my picture in it, she was actually asking why I uploaded my photo and I explained to her that Santa, just like mommy, is sometimes busy and may be far away, sometimes he is not in the mall to talk to, so we just have to talk with him online and upload pictures for him to see. My little girl, being smart, got the connection and even told me that it is just like how mommy and Ninang Debbie communicates, since the day she went out of the country. Woohoo, what a smart kid God has blessed me with... She even added, "Mommy, am sure Santa like the picture you sent, coz you are pretty in it." Hahahhaa, she is definitely my daughter...

By the way, if you visit the site now, and upload your pic and tell santa about your wish, you may have a chance to win in a contest, where 1 random entry will be selected for each day of the contest, and the cash prize of $500 will be awarded per winner.


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