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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Christmas Cheers...

(Please click on the picture to enlarge. Thanks)

Tonight, an old couple sang songs of Christmas cheer in our door front. Good that they did not just pass us by, like most carolers do. I was so happy I gave them a bigger "Pamasko"(Christmas giveaway), of course, the money was taken from our "Red Bag" collection. Kinda like tithing, only we do it every after closing, where a portion of the day's income is given for the RED BAG. One which we intend to give for charity and perhaps the church as offering at the end of the year...

Anyway, the couple must be in their early seventies... And they really sang good songs, unlike those who obviously sing for money... I also gave the lady some of Honeysweet's freebies... I hope God will bless them always...

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