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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Google Your Name And See Results...

How many of you have this secret hobby of googling your names? AHA! We are one and the same, hahhahahaha... When I get bored I usually google my name and check if there were mean things written about me, as if I am an actress of some sort, lol... and of course, I look forward to seeing my name in every written account of activities I have joined or causes I have helped organize. Anyway, here are a few results which I found just recently:

a.) ECPAT's Workshop and the Signing of the Code of Conduct for I-CAfe Owners and Operators, as written by Mr. Mark Francisco in paper, Sunstar Cagayan de Oro, July 30, 2008. I was not able to get a copy but of course since Sunstar has a website, here's the link.

b.) My social networks: Freindster, face book, Multiply and all those I have signed up on.

c.) My blogsites, lol...

d.) My comments on other people's blogs...

e.) My Dneero surveys...

But here's the interesting part. I found four of us in the world with exactly the same names. Three are in the United States and one is even a Vice President in a certain bank.. wow... The other one excels in her own field of research and child care, and another is very active in the Hispanic Community. I found one which is vague and may even be connected with the others here, see this link.

So, how about you? Would you like to know more about your name? Google your complete name now and find out...

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