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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Movie for the Family

When we were younger, my father and mother would always plan Friday nights as Family Movies Night. It had been a tradition passed on by my Lola Viating to my father and his siblings. My father likes Fernando Poe Jr. so much that after dinner, on a Friday night, we would have Fernando Poe Movie marathon. Fernando Poe is known for action movies with a story and a moral lesson. And he is good looking too. Because my father likes him so much, we also feel he looks like the actor too..hehehe...well, my father is good looking. There's no doubt about that.

I remember my mother would always prepare for Friday nights like it is a party with guests. She would include in our grocery on Sundays, chips, cookies, pakwan seeds (white and black), raisins and anything that we could find edible to munch. And of course the drinks. Well, it was like going to the movies you see. Sometimes we would have pizza delivered but only when there's extra budget. After dinner, we would clear the living room for this purpose and position chairs, beanbags and cushions in the most comfortable position possible. I love the memory as I am walking through memory lane now...hehehe...Those were the days when we would only worry about our homework and crushes and stuff...Unlike now that we go through life and aim to come out as winners in our daily struggles. Our lives now are complex and needs the stronger "us" in order to survive and eventually succeed. I guess Fernando Poe's movies helped shape our beliefs in life. Because the kind of movies my parents allowed us to watch, specially those of Fernando Poe's, were all movies with a lesson, and a basic principle of having integrity wherever you may go. So too, most of his movies leave the audience light hearted and feeling good about having watched every movie. Hmm.

Anyway, now that I am older, or should I say, more mature, hehehe...I would also like to do the same to my daughter. Only, she is yet too young so we stick with the Barbie series: Rapunzel, The Princess and The Pauper, Fairytopia-Mermaidia, etc. To my daughter's level, they are understandable and they convey lessons that I would like my daughter to learn from what she is watching. I on the other hand, watch feel-good movies with my friends, or sometimes with Lili's dad...hehehe...Feel good movies just warms the heart, apart from the moral lessons they teach. I always make it a point to schedule that particular event, the date of the movie parallel to our availability. That way, we wont have to miss it. One particular movie that I am looking forward to watching is All Roads Lead Home The Movie. It's a family oriented movie that I am hoping to watch with my family again. But due to the fact that we all are very busy with our different lives and schedules, might as well watch it with Lili's dad. Or Franny and Egee. Or DTR and Gay...well, all these persons are family to me, so they are my choice as companion/s in watching that said movie. And of course, I think I will have to prepare tissue paper and handkerchief--ahahahaa...I know it will make me cry. Good movies always do that to me---


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