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Saturday, December 13, 2008


My feet hurts. The joint in the ankle region hurts. When I told my father about it he said I should really lose weight. My father said he also felt the same pains in the same region before he started his diet and exercise. He added that that is also the reason why he has been telling me to lose the pounds and live a healthy disciplined lifestyle.

Our feet carries our weight and when it can no longer afford the load, it complains by knocking on us, telling us that weight is too much for them to carry. So having no mouth to complain with, the ankle region does the talking for our feet, lol...seriously, that is definitely what going on. Our body is also capable of complaining you know... So anyway, I went online, as usual to research on the most effective way to lose the pounds, the healthy way...and I came across a site I have previously visited,, which offered much information. They have a wide array of products that could really help lose the weight, a variety of weight loss supplement s from appetite suppressant to fat burners to colon cleansers. What's good about this is that the foremost ingredient in ChitoGenics is "Chitosan". It is derived from shellfish---food from the sea makes it even more healthy, right? Chitosan is a substance that absorbs oil and fat before they can even be absorbed by the digestive tract to be converted into fat.

Here are a list of some of their products and their functions:
Nopal cactus helps in absorbing fat. While Hoodia is used as a formula to suppress appetite with green tea to boost the metabolism.

Chitogenics will definitely help us lose weight effectively. Of course, if combined with a balanced diet and moderate exercise, everything will work perfectly.

Come to think of it, Chitogenics been around for 10 years already and has had numerous clients who can attest to their safe and tried and tested effects. Ask Tom Martino, the nation's leading consumer advocate....because he is endorsing the weight loss program and products of Chitogenics.

I am already sold to this product, so world, await the new healthy me....haha...

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