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Friday, December 26, 2008

CEIVA Digital Photo Frames

Perhaps the nicest gift to receive is the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. Not only for the holidays or birthdays and other special occasions, but also even on "off season celebrations" a going away present or a welcome present, or anything to your fancy. Now, why the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame? Why not any other photo frames? Surely it won't make a really think so? Of course it will make a difference...hmmm...okay, tell me how? How is it different from other digital photo frames?

Ooppsies...Am I going nuts? I am talking to myself, lol...and I am arguing at that...ahahahahha...Oh my goodness...Is this the effect of wanting the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame for myself? ahahahahha...seriously now, I am just doing a monologue..gotcha!! Not a basket case yet, ahehhehehe...See, I have been dreaming of the Ceiva digital Photo Frame since the day I laid eyes on it on the site. Ever since I saw how fast and convenient it works. Ever since I saw how fast the pictures get delivered directly to the frame via Internet/WIFI connection or through the camera phone...Ever since I learned of the 3 easy steps in setting up the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame...Ever since I learned of the Picture Plan and the lifetime warranty of the frame purchased... Imagine, if the frame breaks, they will fix or replace what's damaged? You can not get that from the other companies...this I know, because the moment I laid eyes on the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame Online, I sought the help of my best friend, "search engine", and I was taken to see other digital photo frames...and guess what? NOTHING COMPARES to CEIVA...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I actually have just discovered how great digital frames can be. I sent a bunch out to family and friends for Christmas, and am planning to send out a bunch more for Valentine's Day from the kids!