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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jews and Christians Celebrate

HAPPY HOLIDAYS.... I was around this site and I had a Jewish Chat. hehehe..I am not a Jew...Ii am a Christian, but I was chatting with my Jewish friends who invited me to be in that site. I found out from them that Jews and Christians alike celebrate this season. While we celebrate Christmas, or the birth of Christ, they are celebrating Hanukkah, or the festival of

One thing I love about being in that site is that, although I am a Christian and have a different religion than them, the people I came to make friends with are nice and non discriminating. They even wished me a happy holiday. But the coolest part is when they told me, as part of their tradition in the celebration of Hanukkah, they are sending me gifts for 8 days...amazing...of course, I declined politely since I know it will cost them much to be sending gifts here in the Philippines. So anyway, chatting in the site gave me a new dimension of the Jewish community and culture. I got to learn more from them and I was really happy to be in that site.

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