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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Find Your Love Match...

In time for Christmas, would it be nice to have someone to share Christmas with? hahaha.. don't ask me, I am asking you. Well, Lili's dad and I are working our differences these days. What with the court in between, hahaha.. But seriously now, if you are looking to find available singles who will meet your qualifications for simply a dream date or for a lifetime commitment, why not take your chances at a social network. Free Local Singles who may be able to face up to your preferences, lol... I might as well try it, who knows? Maybe Lili's dad and I do not really have a future together, hmmmm... Only God knows.

Well anyway, it was actually Maureen, who introduced me to this site which I am blogging about now. There are thousands of members and who knows one of them is your destined match, hahahhaa... what about mine? Geez, I am not into this, really, but because the members are extra nice, I have met some who I have become not only acquainted with but have become friends as well, and that in just 72 hours. You can send messages and exchange flirts, which is fun, but most importantly, exchange thoughts. Well, I could only speak for my experience you just have to try it for yourself. So what are you waiting for, visit the site today.

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