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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Every person has different lifestyles, and preferences. In as much as every person have different personalities. I may not have gone to many places or met many people personally, but with every chat room that I get invited to by friends and family, I get to meet a lot of people with different personalities, lifestyles and preferences. Well, I really do not see any problem with that, mainly because, I respect people's identity, preferences and lifestyles. For as long as I do not get hurt in the expressions they convey, or their loudness or silence, I am okay. So long as they treat me with respect as much as I treat them kindly and with the respect I give unto them, then we shall be at peace, wink...wink... In my grandmother's very words, "As long as they don't do any harm to you, then you are will be okay". And definitely I agree.

Now, who among you here have journeyed the way I have through the chat rooms and social sites and networks? One time, a friend of mine invited me for a Punk Chat, and guess what? I had a blast at the site. There was nothing wrong with punksters to begin with. They are the same people like you and me. They just chose a different representations and presentations in terms of outfits and lifestyles. Among others, they are the same just like you and me. We talked about the same political scenarios and perhaps we may have conflicting beliefs, but they are problems whatsoever. They are not racists who discriminate me just because I am a Filipino...and I like how our conversations went. They of course showed me pictures and well, fashion may be a bit different, but hey, we dress as we choose to dress, right? Music is also not a problem. In fact, what I like about the chat is that I was able to learn more about them and the culture they represent. They are not harmful or bad people, as how "others" tell about them...The are happy, life loving people who just wants their own corner of the world as much as everyone does...

And Erik, thanks so much for inviting me to the site...enjoyed my time there...

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