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Thursday, December 18, 2008


My daughter learned to use the computer at an early age of 1 and and a half. Ahaha.. She practically grew up with the computer, in the sense that, she was exposed and continuously is exposed to the media for reasons that the computer is one of the necessities here in Honeysweet.

With the franchise from Everything Online Inc. (which by the way is NOT A GOOD IDEA), she has embraced just like how I have embraced the business. We may be a tutorial center but we do most of the tutorials thru the computer, for online review and stuff. We also cater to computer lessons for the kids from toddler to high school. What with the materials we also use in our one on one lessons that can only be found online or in the PC...

So you see, my daughter was actually my guinea pig for said lessons. And I am not ashamed to say that mainly because the results are good. She can even operate the computer properly compared with high school students from the previous school I taught in.

Anyway, the pictures shown here are print screen previews of her favorite game sites. www. and

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