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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Midnight Mass on the 24th at Holy Cross

The new priest in our parish have made a lot of changes in our church. He has changed a few rules and dates of celebrations, like changing the town fiesta from MAy 2 to September 16. He has also instilled a different kind of policy for female church goers. Wearing of pants is prohibited, and meticulously being observed by the parishioners, discriminating and humiliating those who go to church in slacks, no matter how decent they look.

This morning, he announced that for the nine days novena mass, or the 9 consecutive midnight masses, women are exempted, but on the night of the 24th, which is tomorrow night, before Noche Buena, the new policy will prevail again...whew...that means, not all women can go to church again...

I wish he would just give it as a Christmas Gift for all women to be allowed to go to church in slacks...sigh...sigh...sigh...

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