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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interracial Chat

Have you ever gone to a chat room for a Free Interracial Chat? Well, I have. And guess what? I am enjoying it. It's not the lousy kind that most "money-sucking" chatters go to..Nor is it the answer to a desperate woman's attempt at getting a's far better than that. It is actually a place to mingle, make friends, exchange thoughts and even recipes or two--hahaha... Of course, if you find love there, then good for you.

I always had this notion that if you go to a chat room, you are a person who is bored...or loveless...but then again, when I joined chat, it changed my perception on things that go about inside the chat room. It is actually a fun environment of intelligent and non discriminating individuals...We are people of different races and culture that I am beginning to think that it is a better alternative than foreign exchange projects..hehehe... I just love it there. I cant wait to come back again...

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