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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here are two sites I have found to have posted about me. ME.. ME.. ME... WOW... they posted about me! I just love it when I am loved, lol... seriously, These people are really making me feel special.. First, we have JAY, of Jay's Corner, who blogged about me on this link, another is by J. Scott of Champagne Dreams, with the post on this link. Although, quite understandably, J. Scott's visit to my site was during the time my template crashed. It was during this time that most of my readers complain of not being able to see my site, or wont load or wont open in their browsers. But I guess everything is okay now...Right guys?

Anyway, both have Js so I must also love all persons with a J for the first letter of his name, lol... Kidding aside, Jay's Corner is a very simple blog site with a very simple layout. But I guess it is not as simple as the content if you care enough to read Jay's thoughts...I guess Jay needs to improve in that arena though, because sometimes it's in the lay out too...And of course the other J, J. Scott's page is nice. I love the layout.

I do not personally know both bloggers, but I am adding them to my blogroll. I am blessed to have come by their site, because I learned a thing or two form each of their sites...

To both Js, I salute you and happy blogging...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi this is a much better, faster loading template. I like the lay out a lot better as well Thanks for the blog back and keep blogging