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Thursday, January 15, 2009

"The People's Trainer"

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Guess who visited my blog site today? It's none other than Robbie Diamond, our trainer from SPRINT back in my contact center days. And here is what he said (refer to my cbox messages):

"4 hours ago Robbie: Hi Eleanor. This is a great site!!! Did you put this together. I miss you and I hope that we can see each other again one day. I'm proud of you and you are still beautiful darlz!!!!"

Robbie has always been like that. Sweet. Nice. Sincere. Always looking after his kids--(all 20 of us under him in training...) It is always nice to hear from him mainly because he is a very nice person to relate with. You can talk to him about anything and he is very supportive of your cause, whatever they may be. Aside from being a trainer he is also a coach. Check out the website of their little community, Southside Titans. You will like visiting their site often. And as you do, you will get to know the kind of person called "The People's Trainer"...

God bless you Big Daddy...and Thank you so much for everything...
(I miss the Cashew Nuts, ahehehe...)

FYI: The photo above was taken by Icing...all of us had a picture taken with Robbie for our farewell gift for him when he was about to leave back to the US.

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