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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


That remains to be seen. It seemed that the educational system here in the Philippines is always the first to suffer when times of calamities hit or when there is a bad weather condition. Mainly because most public schools then will be made as relocation or evacuation centers for the victims. If you ask students about it, most of them will say that they love it because there is no class. Contrary to what is expected, it is not only the public school students who are rejoicing for having no classes. Private school students also have no classes for reasons that the bad weather condition is feared to affect the health of the students. Ironically, most students in the Private schools, because they can afford to go to the mall, would watch a movie or two and even go to gimmicks, instead of staying at home due to no classes. Funny huh?

Well, it just goes to show how most Filipinos see education. Sad but true. That's why sometimes, I think of having my daughter I know how important education is for her...and her future...where ever she chooses to live...

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