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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


My friends asked me what my new year's resolution was. I told her I am not into that anymore. Mainly because I have decided to live my life one step at a time, each day as it comes, believing that I will be happier if I live my life in the "here and now". But of course, I think long term if the concern is about my daughter, Zarelle. That is a whole different thing.

Anyway, part of the reason why I do not want to tell my friends about my new year's resolution is that it involves my health, my diet to be precise. Although, secretly, I am opting to go on a diet. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but mainly for health reasons. I want to live longer and healthier for my daughter's sake.

I have read online about every available diet program and regimen. From drinks, solutions to diet pills. Here's one interesting diet regimen that will surely help. I found this in YOU TUBE, see the video below:

Interesting isn't it?

So I searched more information and found more Proactol Reviews available. According to what I read, it is UK's leading weight loss supplement which is 100% natural and organic. What is nice is that it is not expensive compared with other diet pills as it come with Proactol Discount. For those who are interested to buy Proactol diet pills, a list of secret discount codes can be found on their website ,

I am looking at the possibility of using this diet pills to lose weight and stay healthy. My Zarelle likes to run around and play with mommy...surely, I need to keep up with my three year old...
and I need to live longer to see her and my grand kids---long term, right?

1 comment:

SearchingWellness said...

Naku sis, health is really a main consideration for dieting and not just aesthetic. When my doctor put me on low salt, low fat diet, pumayat talaga ako. Wala ba namang lasa kakainin mo. Such a challenge, but it is worth it.