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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just love this story:

Here is a story shared during one of our meetings at Marymount. Any neophyte with an aggressive and determined attitude can relate to this on the job setting. When I started working, I always felt like I was the only odd man in the office. All of them shared the same viewpoint. Being in a government office at that time was rather conflicting in my views of making money and going or arriving in the office on time. I was locked up in the ideals that my dear Alma Mater has given me, that I have absorbed. I found it frustrating. Thus, every time i see a rather conflicting situation, I shun away from it thinking that I'd be good somewhere else where my talents and skills will come in handy and appreciated. That explains me resigning from what my relatives call a stable work. Perhaps, the best setting so far was when I worked as Guidance Career Placement and Promotions Officer at one of the Computer Schools in the Philippines. The job was challenging and I felt I was doing everything perfectly well. I so loved the fact that I report directly to the School Director or to the son of the owner who is in charge of marketing. I did what I was tasked to do. But what I liked most is how to execute my plans, because they were left with me..they simply give me a Go signal or a No. And that was that. Everything I did was in good faith. And out of loyalty to the persons who trusted me with my tasks. All talents and skills that I have I put to use. All connections used to complete a program or two. All students have enjoyed the exposures they have had, to which, they would not have had any. ... My direct bosses happy...Unknown to me at that time was the fact that some of my co workers wanted to share in the glory and favors that I was enjoying at that time. Well, it all started with the Alumni Homecoming that I organized... So some "old maids" and Eleanor-wannabes speak ill of me. Hahaha...or so they tried. And what's funny was the fact that even when I resigned already (I resigned when I enrolled in Nursing as my second course)they still continued their egoistic rantings. Hahaha..and they still talk about me until now..I wonder why...I wish they would stop because either way, nothing is going to change who I am and the things that I am blessed with... The "old maid" who kept all the blubbery now is able to do what she wanted to do so why cant she just stop talking? Is she still angry with me for having been chosen as emcee in every major program, instead of her when I was still there? So she gets to be the emcee now, what's her problem? Is it because she still can not get a boyfriend? Hmmm...maybe she needs to get laid or something..ahahaha...kidding aside, it's a normal scenario. At least that's what my family and relatives say. People who can not do what you can do will say so many things against you. Because they want you to be ordinary like them. They hate seeing you excel, while they are left in their little boring corners. That is not the exact story of the peacock in the land of penguins, but similarly, the story falls the same way...I am the peacock with all the colorful feathers, while they are the penguins who wear a very boring black suit...and they could not fly...ahahaha...

Seriously now, I do not mean to be boastful or arrogant but these "old maids" really need to stop! And I mean STOP..because what they are doing is not killing me but them, ahahaha...You should listen to are too obvious. SHUT UP AND LIVE YOUR LIVES!! I have not done anything to you people!! I am simply living my life, so you should live yours too!

Hey, if you wish to get the real story about the Peacock in the land of Penguins, PM me okay? I'll send it to your email...tahtah for now...

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