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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I will go on a diet. I always tell myself that. But I have not really started. Hmm... Because I have not seen something that could really work for me. Is this true? Or am I just making up excuses? Hehehe...Honestly, I have read so many diet regimens, from pills to shakes to food (fruits, etc...) Believe me I tried.

I have even read a lot of reviews for specific diets, diet pill reviews, and many others. But of course, I still would go for diet pills that work. When I was younger I did use diet pills and they worked best for me at that time. But the brand I used then is no longer in the market today. That's why I am in the process of looking for what's best. I looked everywhere. Magazine ads, tv, radio and of course my salvation as always, the Internet. My friend Mr. Google gave me a few good suggestions and I have found one that I feel will be a good choice for diet pills. It's called Best Diet Pills. So from the name itself, it must really be the best...ahahaha...

Now, why do I like diet pills instead of the rest? Well, it's simple. I can just carry it wherever I go and take it. I do not have to prepare it or anything. No mess, no extra effort to go in shape. Except of course if I plan to do some exercise along with it. Hehehe...Am that is what I am eying for next...

By the way, here's a matching video I found in You Tube...

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