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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's Play Poker...

Poker is a game of cards that's fun...actually, I don't play it much because I am not an expert. However, when I am with my online friend Tracy, I play...because Tracy tells me what to do and how to play my game. She tells me what cards to lay down or how my cards should be dealt...We have joined many online game sites where poker is played, but of course since I am not a pro like Tracy, I sometimes just watch her play. There is this one site which allows for people to watch the game while the players played. That's how I learn the game. But of course I am not serious on betting. I usually play when what is required as payments are online "peanuts" or the chips...hehehe, that way I don't lose real money.

We have been to many poker sites but nothing could compare with At this particular site, they give out reviews, strategies and news about poker. There are chat rooms and forums to help poker wannabes like me. They give out a PokerStars Marketing Code, which allows a player to receive an exclusive 100% deposit bonus, up to $50...hmmm... I bet that is the largest bonus available. Aside from that, a player who signs up will not receive the $50 that any other website can offer you, an extra $800 every single month in freerolls and money added tournaments, will also be given... Access to exclusive PokerStars events, including the online poker league, the FTR Gauntlet will also be, that is really something. Aint it? And a Poker Stars Bonus Code is also given for anyone interested to sign up. These PokerStars Bonus are great since with this kind of strategy, players come back for more.

And what I specially like about this site is that they are offering direct downloads to certain poker rooms without even visiting the website. Cool huh? At least you wouldn't have to open so many browsers just to enjoy the game. So guys, let's play poker...hehehe...

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