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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Who among you here would like to lose weight? Am sure all of us do? And I am pretty sure, it has nothing to do with aesthetic reasons. Although, some think so too. Ahahaha...

As for me, honestly, I am seriously considering it now compared to the previous years. As a mother, like what I said in my previous posts, I would like to see my daughter's daughters's not something because I am afraid of dying early either. Quite frankly, basing on my father's experience, most complications come when a "big" person starts to get sick. Medication is expensive, so is time and energy wasted. Well, I have had the most evident reasons now than before too. See, I have started feeling my body's complaints. And believe me, such complaints are louder during rainy days like these days we're having...

So what's my problem? Nothing really. I just realize that diet alone will not work. Now, I am on a special diet, and we have a complete set of exercise machines at home, courtesy of my fathers mild stroke the other year. See, during that time the doctors advised him to use an elliptical trainer, alongside his diet and medication. He was set on a slow pace, until my father have recovered. He is still on medication now, but he is doing fine.

What struck me to get serious? Well, once after dinner, he sat with me and told me I am too young to experience what he has experienced. He also added that for my daughter's sake I should start my weight loss journey. He said he is doing it for the family because he knows if he wont work towards his health, he will be a burden upon himself and the family. He was quite frank about it adding that there is more to life to enjoy when you are healthy rather than being big and sickly...And of course, I took my father's words by heart....

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