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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Since moving at the "orange house", I am totally amazed at how huge the place is...the kids, my baby brother River and my daughter Zarelle love it like that mainly because it is very spacious. They can freely move around, play with their toys, go biking inside the living space...hahaha.. They definitely like it...But there's a portion of the living area that I intend to add more furnitures to...The area to receive visitors...And I would love to see a sofa or a devan or anything that may be comfortable for the guests, should the need arise.

And speaking of furniture, I found this really helpful site, which showcase lots of different furniture for the home. Modern furniture that specifies one's taste and style. They have living room furniture, bedroom furniture, closets, tables, and anything you can think of. And what's really nice is that they offer discounted rates. So you could just imagine the savings you can enjoy.

As for my corner in the orange house, I would like to have the one that is shown here...Well, we'll see...If the two kids can have the entire living space for their playground, my little corner with my sofa or loveseat or devan or whatever I can afford to get, will be my playground...hahaha...

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