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Thursday, January 22, 2009


When I was in elementary, I have heard of a lot of tales about the Occult. There was said to be a headless nun with an unfinished business at the auditorium of Lourdes College grade school, that also frequents the third floor washroom..huh! And her head was said to be flushed at one of the toilet

Then, when I was transferred by fate to Montessori de Oro, another tale was passed from one student to another and it is about the soldier who lost his arms and legs that was said to be buried on the grounds of the main building, who at six in the evening would show himself to a child who is alone to ask help from. According to the tale he needs a child to look for his missing limbs because a child sees better than adults....ahahaha...Young and naive as I was then, I believed every tale. When we were in high school, our campus was bigger and more prone to similar stories, especially when it's about dark and gloomy. But of course, no one is allowed to remain "unattended" in the RER Campus so when someone is not fetched yet, she or he is brought to the main building and parents will have to be called and be told that the student awaits them at the main building.

Back then, our routine was, my father will take us to school in the morning and fetch us in the afternoon....if he comes late, we stay put, and wait some more...unless our "manang" (nanny) comes on his behalf...Some afternoons we can spend time playing with the other kids because my father would come late. But when it's already six and the campus is all so quite, we would simply sit beside "manong guard"(security guard)...the nearer to the gate, the better...why? Oh, we were afraid that the soldier might appear and summon us to fetch his limbs....hahaha...

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