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Friday, January 16, 2009


I donated $3 thru paypal:

Here is why:

Chiq Montes, the founder of CDO Bloggers to which I belong, will be launching a Feeding Program Project this weekend. Chiq together with fellow bloggers in CDO will distribute rice and noodles to the most affected barangays.

This Feeding Program Project needs your support. A donation from your hearts to this cause for as little as $3.00 via PayPal can really help. The money that will be raised from your generous donations will be used to buy more rice and noodles. Please send your donations directly to

Photo Credit on Blog Post: Himantayon

Guys, what's $3 if it can help our brothers and sisters here in our beloved city? Besides, if you are willy-nilly to give your $3, think of it as a missed opp, something that happens every time in PPP or in Payingpost (just trying to be funny here..hehehe...) and that's it. But please have a heart...Believe me, more blessings will come to a selfless giver...more opps to a selfless blogger...wink..wink...


Also, here in Balulang, we are still collecting used clothing and footwear for Balulang's victims...if possible, children's footwear that we may give out. PM me if you have something to share.


In the political arena, it seems that the flood here in Mindanao is not such a big thing for most of the Philippines, in fact, no one ever hears anything about it in the national news. That's why most Kagay-anons who are living away from home are shocked upon seeing pictures from most bloggers here in even during calamities like this there is still politicking huh? Anyway, here's a link to one of CDO's most admired broadcast journalist. I often see Kim Quilingging on TV thru ABS-CBN. Now, I am able to read The Wandering Observer thru multiply. Click here. You will see pictures and videos there that you have not seen before.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Since it is impossible to make this a full blown project, I just want to let you know that we are going to buy goods at Makro today and give them to abs-cbn feeding program. Everything will be documented as a way of saying thank you to all those who supported this project.

ChiQ M.