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Friday, January 09, 2009

Hair Is Vanishing

Our principal in High School was said to have had HIV...God bless her soul. HIV, not aids or anything. She has H-Hair I-is's right. She had very thin hair that the boys in our classroom would often make silly stories and jokes out of her thin hair. Although, we girls think it was something serious like she had finished chemotherapy or cobalt treatment, and the like. What with the thinning hair? What usually comes to your mind?

But of course, when she died, I couldn't help but ask if her thinning hair had something to do with her death. And one of our teachers said NO. Hmmm...then why was her hair slowly thinning like she was going bald or something. Maybe, if it was not something serious when we were in high school, then it would have been easier to cure. I am sure even at that time there was already a Hair Loss Treatment available.

In this age and time, it is no longer a problem as there are already many studies that tackle the causes and the treatments for hair loss. There are many reasons, there are many causes. And of course, there are different treatments. Hair Loss Treatment for Men varies, and is different from Hair Loss treatment for Women.

Hmmm...why am I blogging about Hair Loss? Am I conscious that I see falling hair more often now than before? Well, hair loss defies no exact age or season or will fall when it is meant to least that's how I try to convince myself. But of course, that remains to be a secret between me and the shower room...hehehe...


Umma said...

yeah, I got my hair falling too after I delivered my baby. they said its bec of the hormone change but eventually it will be back to normal.

Well, I guess so but I still need to get back my lustrous long hair back though.

SearchingWellness said...

Hello Dharlz, losing hair is nasty! I have been having episodes of falling hair since college. It must be due to stress. I am better now because of gugo shampoo. :)