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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Honeysweet stopped allowing amers to play online games at Honeysweet since January 2007. It's already two years since then that counter strike bot download was stopped, yet we still have clients and customers who wish to have them in our little nook. Sometimes I become strict towards them as they come here sometimes wearing their school Ids and uniforms and during school what do i do? I shoo them off to go back to their classes. But of course, knowing these kids, they would go to another internet shop who are willing to tolerate sudh bad habbit. Students should be in school. I wonder why some internet opeartors in our area would allow kids in uniforms to be playing online games even during school hours, and in theri uniform. Surely there is a directive for that from the barangay.

In fairness with the gaming industry, actually, I do not see anything wrong with them. They are even helpful in developing the children's minds. Critical thinking comes with strategizing to win in the games. However, some internet operators, in their goal of making money through the business, would be so bad to tolerate kids being absent in school so as not to be absent in their cafes...tsk..tsk..tsk..

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