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Monday, January 26, 2009


I remember my life back in Cebu, renting my own pad with its own toilet and bath. I had cable connection, and a good TV...but no kitchen. Ironically, I do not always buy food outside. Not that I do not eat or anything, but I most certainly do. I have a 7 cubic feet refrigerator, rice cooker and an oven toaster. The said mountable toaster ovens came really handy on my part. Hahaha...Although, I do not have a kitchen...

So, what did I do? I made a make shift kitchen, just beside my television, lol...I bought utensils and other food preparations gadgets to use. In washing food prior to keeping them fresh inside the fridge, I use mineral water...kinda expensive but I am sure it was safer that using tap water in the lavatory. All wastes go to the garbage which was regularly gathered by garbage men at 6 in the morning.

So how do I prepare food? I told you I have my own toilet and bath complete with lavatory, shower and all...but I wash food with my drinking water. I go to the grocery and buy my stuff...frozen things to add to the fridge, vegetables and fruits, half a gallon of ice cream and meat (chicken, pork and beef). I have poultry and dairy and everything I wish to eat. Rice to cook, and all other stuff for the mouth. Hahaha, so I never lost any weight...I even have Pillsbury ready to mix cakes, muffins and flans which I cook in my oven toaster. See, I make my own breads and pastries even if I do not have a kitchen. Hahaha, can you beat that?

My oven toaster is really handy...

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