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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


When I was in high school, my best friend gave me a book called Frog Eyes Loves Pig...It was some sort of a love story between a guy who wears glasses, but eventually loses them in exchange for contact lenses while the girl was chubby who is opting at losing weight. Ahahaha, so there goes the title. Anyway, the two had conflicts at first mainly because they both had a problem of accepting themselves as they are. So both of them wanted to change how they each looked and opted to date others, but in the end, they got together and became a couple. A very simple love story for teeny-boppers..ahahahha...

Anyway, speaking of contact lenses, my sister Honey, before she left for Manila, bought a new pair from the aunt of my cousin at a discounted rate. Well, the entire family is enjoying discounts when it comes to eye wear since the aunt of my cousin does business that way. And it's not only our family. I think she gives discounts to all her friends too. So everybody comes back for more. Actually my cousin Princess will soon be following her footsteps and will open her own shop when she graduates. So I guess she will be doing the same strategy in terms of marketing that same kind of business. However, being young spirited Princess would like hers to be more modernized. So I suggested that she should have a website. And she simply smiled and said that is part of her plan. That way, even if her shop will be opened here in Cagayan de Oro, friends and relatives can still have access to what's new in her shop through her portal.

Anyway speaking of what's new. I found this really amazing. I discovered a kit that enables a contact lens user to determine when to replace his/her contact lens. It's perfect for everyone regardless of age. It actually counts down the number of days left to change contact lenses and or the contact lens case. The eyes are protected and less will be spent on replacement contact lenses because how often disposable contact lenses are worn is monitored. The case change time can be set from 0-99 days and lens change time can be set from 0-60 days. This kit is called LensAlert. This is a very important kit because wearing contact lenses too long may cause serious damage to the eye.

Below is how it looks like:

I actually found many interesting things about this kit online and on AC Lens blog. I wonder, if "frog eyes" ever used some kit like this...hmmm...oh well, it was just a fictional story. I may just be taking it seriously..hahaha...Who cares, I am still young at heart..wink..wink...


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