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Friday, January 16, 2009


On our third year together L was driving a black Ford Lynx. It was a cool car and he really liked it. Unfortunately some problem came regarding the car he drove. The car which he bought cash direct from the branch at Cdo...A problem that caused him to suffer humiliation, that ended with him suing the said branch. Well, that was all behind us now. He still likes cars made by Ford but because of that incident, he promised himself not to get another Ford or any other car from that seller. But just to clarify, it isn't the car company that he is shunning away from, it's the particular branch that sold the car to him. To what really happened, that I will not discuss without permission from him. Had the branch treated him well and made a good deal at that time, he could have bought another car from them. I guess if we are really to consider buying something we need to make sure we are buying it from a very good dealer.

Anyway, speaking of cars made by Ford, I discovered New Ford. Of course, Ford has an excellent, well presented range of cars. That's why L liked Ford cars so much. Not only to suit anybody's budget, but individuals and families. I found out also that Ford cars are also sold online through, which operates an all car portal, dealing in new cars, used cars and leasing offers. Through their car section, anyone can complete a quote request and submit it without wasting time and energy. This request will then be circulated to the most competitive dealers for whatever brand you are looking for. The Dealer will then contact the potential customer back in order to discuss the requirements and provide the most competitive new car quote in the UK. Wow. Isn't that amazing?

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