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Friday, November 07, 2008


I always hate women who go after married men or men with commitments, if only to use them for money and all the things they need... This post is all about women who are looking for someone classy to pamper and treat them like the princess. Women who want to find a gentlemen who wants to mentor and show them the finer things in life. Hmmm... Although some women are just after easy money to deliver them from their financial worries.

I know there are many girls out there who like to find the man of their dreams, far from the ones they are accustomed to or those they are exposed to. In fact, many would go to dating channels online or join social networks. Some got the men they wanted, some did not. Some ended up in marriage, while others simply became their friends, who support them once in a while. Personally, I find this absurd, but we can't really blame these women. What with the men offering them graces and all. Some may have lewd intentions, others for sheer fondness for the woman, while others still are for pure charity.

So anyway, the site I have discovered has this intriguing name, funny... but otherwise, spells the truth about why women will need to click on the site, the need to find the man who can provide for them everything. In lay man's term, the man who can give that is a "Sugar Daddy".. No love involve for the women, just MONEY & MORE MONEY!

So for those of you who want the finer things in life without having to drain your brains or breaking your back, perhaps you will find what you are looking for here. And just as the name of the site, your "Sugar Daddy" may just be a click away...


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