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Saturday, November 29, 2008

“My first Sony experience is with my Sony Trinitron"

I was twenty one when I graduated from college. By May 1997, I started working at the National Food Authority in Cebu. My first job was not glamorous nor did it allow me to have a good take home pay as I was simply a trainee for the Clerk III position. The contract I signed was under the job order contract and of course, that explains everything. While in Cebu, I lived with my Aunt Carrie and every afternoon we would spend time watching television for our favorite soaps and game shows. Then one day, I had a different assignment which led me to decide, in order to save time and energy, to move out of her place and find my own place to stay which is near the office in Banilad. Since my aunt's place is in Labangon, it was really tasking and I always ended up late in the office. When I moved, my aunt told me that she will be buying a new television set and that, she was selling her old one. Right at that moment, I told her I would buy it from her. Knowing that my aunt takes care of her things well, I was assured that it was a good buy for a very small amount. It was almost like she gave it to me. So there it was, my very first SONY Trinitron. The first ever appliance that I was able to buy with my hard earned money. It was not brand new but the thought of it makes me happy till today.

With it I have attached a great deal of history and lots of memories. My first boyfriend and I had our first kiss in front of that television, while watching a horror flick, lol... And of course, when we broke up, my Sony Trinitron was my sole companion and confidante. I thought my life was over, but my sole companion kept me sane and solid, until the day I recuperated from the said heart break. When I decided to come home to Cagayan de Oro, my Sony Trinitron came with me and stayed in my room. Work allowed me to go places and since I cannot and did not want to take her with me for practical reasons, I ended up buying a new set and selling it before deciding to come home again. So far, she is the only one I have not parted with, eleven years and counting...Up until today, she sits while I pour out my creative juices and sentiments into my blogs. She is still working well, so might as well keep her in the best shape. Lili, my three year old daughter, loves her too, as she watches her favorite shows on my Sony Trinitron...It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series, which helps me do my blogging, PTCs, surveys and all other online work, even in the busiest, noisiest public place.

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