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Monday, November 17, 2008

Kids' Simple Joys

During the weekend, my daughter was told by my sister to go home because her favorite slipper is waiting aside form a gallon of ice cream and a new toy... Actually, both River and her have their share of "pasalubong" from my parents after the groceries were purchased. She has always been asking for a new pair of slippers with her fave Dora for the design... The last time, what they picked for her was a green Diego slipper which she gracefully accepted with a hint that Diego is for "boys"...never the less, she still appreciated the gesture. After all, like me, my daughter is not that hard to please.

When I reached home, the two kids showed me their new toys and their new slippers. And they taught me how to operate their new toys, Hippo and Giraffe... As soon as music from the toys filled our living room, they danced and pointed to their feet saying that they are happy wearing their new slippers and playing with their new toys... I wish I could show you the video I took...

Oh how I wish all people are like kids, the world would have been more peaceful... don't you think so?

1 comment:

earthlingorgeous said...

Those are cute stuff! Kids are so sweet you can please them so easily!

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