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Friday, November 07, 2008


Do you process orders or make online shopping a hobby? Did you ever have any queries or worries whether online shopping is safe or not? Well, I discovered a wonderful solution for this. If you always shop online, it is best that you do it as safely as possible, right? So here is the reat news people....buySAFE offers a unique solution to one of the biggest challenges facing online shoppers – knowing who to trust.

buySAFE gives consumers trusted, safe and virtually risk-free online shopping. They do this via a unique bonding solution that inspects online merchants, monitors their reliability and trustworthiness in real time, and financially protects the consumer’s online purchase with a performance guarantee and identity theft protection. Bonding enables consumers to both avoid problems with unreliable merchants and provides broad financial protection in the unlikely event something goes wrong. No consumer has ever suffered a loss in a buySAFE Bonded transaction, and most importantly their value proposition is free for consumers through the consumer facing application, the Shopping Advisor.

The Shopping Advisor is a free browser plug-in that provides users with access to risk-free shopping options where all merchants are inspected and monitored daily. Every purchase is financially protected with a broad purchase guarantee of up to $25,000 and the consumer's identity is protected from theft for thirty days - all at no cost to the user. Shopping Advisor also leverages buySAFE's advanced website inspection technology to provide safe Shopping Ratings on than 320,000 eCommerce websites found in MSN, Google, and Yahoo! search results, helping consumers make smart buying decisions no matter where they shop online.

So for a safer shopping spree, install your free Shopping Advisor today – and start shopping safely.

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Anonymous said...

Online shopping is a craze nowadays. Such time of online shopping tools are always very useful.