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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Sign up for a free brightstorm account and get a promotional code to enroll in one of their online courses for FREE. I am serious.... I have just signed up and currently, I am taking up US History: The Foundation of Your Rights, that's a $49.00 Value, lol... As a history teacher, I find that presentations of the different topics are well planned and exciting. A good take into a subject or course that is always branded to be boring. The videos are clear and the person on them, is also good in the topic he is discussing. This is definitely a high tech way of presenting the course in History.

This promo is actually brought to us by Brightstorm, an online school catering to the high schoolers. Courses ranging from Mathematics, Geometry, History, Writing and even SAT Reviews for SAT Subjects. Educational effectiveness is the key to learning, and based on the course I am on, Brightstorm has it. How would you rate educational effectiveness? Simple, when the topics are easy to "digest" and has an easy recall for important matters within the topic. In terms of value, funness and the professionalism of the content, well it's unbelievably better than how some teachers I know would present their topics in class, lol....

Signing up for a free account that gives you access to a free episode in every course is easy, simply visit their website, sign up and experience the Brightstorm fun and learning for yourselves...


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