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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Day I passed my Licensure Examinations...

A teacher would not be a full pledged teacher without a license... I had been teaching since 2000... but I took my licensure examinations in 2001 yet. Technically, I never planned on becoming a teacher. I just took Education as minor course in college mainly because I did not want to be branded as overstaying without any cause (5 years of college instead of the usual 4). It was in Manila, while working with the Bureau of Immigration that my journey as a teacher started...While with the BI, I was enrolled as a law student at San Sebastian College Recoletos Institute of Law.. a self supporting law student would need a lot of extra income in a clean way, so I applied at the Kurata Tutorial, owned and managed by the couple Mr. and Mrs. Kurata. Most of the students are first grade Japanese businessmen and their families. My first student was Mr. Ono, we only got to spend 2 months in lessons because he had to leave for Japan as he was reassigned. He expressed heartfelt thanks for all the things I taught him by asking me out for his farewell dinner. Sadly, I was not able to give him the oppurtunity since I was in Cavite doing sales calls for Sequetech selling security devices, lol... He called 5 times telling all my titas and uncles how good his teacher was and what his intentions because he was supposed to leave first flight the next day for Japan... finally, I spoke with him and politely declined. He said he will leave me something at the front desk of his condo. When I got what he left for me, I got a thank you note, sincerely written. And that's when I knew teaching is really good... I got the appreciation I did not expect. After Mr. Ono, I had Mr. and Mrs. Maeda and their 5 year old kid, and Ms. Tsuji and Mr. Maruyama, and the list could go on... And the pay was good, that's P400 per hour unlike the abusive Korean Tutorials that sprout like mushrooms today. Plus the couple are so nice to us teachers. The Japanese people have high regard for teachers... When I decided to quit the BI and Sequetech and law school, I came home and taught at Marymount Academy. Then I pursued LET, which I passed with just one take--- Thank God...

I remember the day I processed my LET application was tedious and funny at the same time. We all had to form our lines at the PRC and some misbehaved, uneducated wanna be educators would resort to fighting and arguments just to be on the front line. And of course there were those who have applied and taken the exams but failed for the Nth time... So there I was, alone and wondering why a lot of people would like to get a license when they do not seem to be cut for the job... there were others who answered that for me... listening to conversations in one way or another... some of them said that they wish to work for the DEP ED... lol, others said they have their jobs for so long and they just need the license because they may not be renewed, and others have other reasons. Mine, what is my reason? Anyway, when I passed the exams and the other teacher from the same school did not make it, I still felt gratitude. I passed. That means, I am legitimate. However, at that point, I still did not envision myself to be an educator... I only knew I am doing some good just like what my Alma Mater is telling us ATENEANS, "TO BE MEN AND WOMEN FOR OTHERS..."

I could not understand what God's plan was for me until now... Having my license , a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Education and a Masters degree in SPED, I know I am cut for this. I am an educator and that's what I will pursue. And what joy it is when I see that my three year old daughter can pronounce well, can do things beyond her age and learn things easily and with much interest and enthusiasm as her mother... lol...

Maybe one day, I will open my own school and not just a tutorial center... Anyway, Honeysweet is really our baby now and who knows it will evolve to become a school...

Anyway, the LET results are the most awaited part of it all , so for those who are interested to know the results for the September 2008 LET Exams click the links below:

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