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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Plight of Women~~ As posted in my VDAY Blogsite...

Women are almost always viewed as the weaker sex. Weak in the sense that men always expect for a woman to be submissive and naive. To them, that is the perfect woman. I have seen a lot of women in my family and community suffer. I have seen them fight back, while I have also seen others allow the men in their lives continue to step on them, affecting their children the most. As violence towards women, whether verbal or physical or psychological, will definitely affect the children who are the silent witness to all the violence that happens. But of course, most women now are no longer the same. Women have learned and continues to fight for rights and privileges not only for their aching selves, but for the children who are caught in between.

My fight is not only about me as a woman, but most of all, it's about me, my daughter and her future.

The VAWC (Republic Act 9262 of 2004 or the Anti violence against women and children act of 2004) case I filed is now in the family court. "He" can go to jail. And yet, he continues to hurt me. He has not learned. And still, he wants me to submit to his wants. Of which I will not allow.

The fight will go on. And me and my daughter will win. I am tired but I will not quit. I will stop only when I am done with my mission.

The fight is not only about me and my daughter. The fight is all about the plight of women in general...

Women need to learn that it is never too late or too early to fight back... We need to stand up for our selves. Because if we wont, the violence will never stop...

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