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Monday, November 10, 2008

Congratulations Miss Earth 2008

Miss Philippines crowned as Miss Earth today...

I am not a sucker for pageants... but I am not also indifferent about it. Pageants serve a purpose somehow. However, because of how beauty titlists are sometimes chosen, I do not give much importance about them. The last beauty pageant that really cracked the nation is that of the Bb. Pilipinas where the beauty queen crowned with the title as Bb. Pilipinas World who will represent the country for the Miss World competition was a seventeen year old lass who could not speak well and explain herself very well. Broken English and irrelevant answers... oh my goodness!!! How will we ever get a good representation???

Anyway, when I got the news about Miss Earth being a Filipina, I was glad. I did not see the pageant live or on television but most of my friends had so many good things to say about the winner. She can speak well and she can deliver well... she has poise and grace and not just the beautiful face and body...whew... Thank GOD!!! These are things we Filipinos should be conscious about. A beautiful face and a whistle bait body does not stand a chance for greatness if the brain is buried 6 feet below the ground... enough said.

To the newly crowned Miss earth, I salute you for bringing the country fame, and for telling the world that Filipinos still have women with beauty, grace, talent and BRAINS!!!

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