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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Has The Fastest Speed???

My friends and I had this really serious conversation yesterday and it almost caused us to lose our merry Christmas spirit.. Well, almost. And guess what started it all? Well, it just happens to be an argument that should not have transpired just because two of our friends are sub agents for Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro, respectively.. And it got worst when the third arrived and gave us freebies promoting Sun.. waaahhh...

Imagine this: Nesic Philippines wireless broadband speedtest was the cause of the said argument. And why? Well, the three lovely drunk ladies got their heads full of their drinks and their workload in mind. I guess all three had their heads and shoulders loaded, lol.. Kidding aside, I could sense that the dedication of the three to their jobs and their respective companies are truly remarkable, as they would even risk losing our merry Christmas spirit.. Promotions wise, all three were claiming to be the best and the only one to have the fastest speed and connectivity. And since all three had their individual points of consideration, plus, their respective arguments and argumentative skills, then all three flamed our group's conversation.

But you know what I have learned from yesterday's encounter? I learned that we should not argue about something such as sexiness, or beauty, or even about love and speed test of course.. See, there are so many factors that greatly affects these things. Sexiness, beauty and love all depends on the beholder. And speed test? Well, as a former Internet cafe manager of what used to be our family owned Internet cafe business, I have been a witness to how speed varies in differing locations, not to mention weather changes and most importantly, the activities that a specific gateway is doing. When we were yet located at the highway, we used Smart for it was the fastest in our location. In my dad's house, however, we have been using Globe, as it is the fastest in that location. And now that we have moved, I am using another, as the dictates of my surfing needs suggests that I am good with this speed and connection. So I guess the cat fight that almost happened can not justify their reasons. After all, all three may be right anyway.

Don't you agree? Anyway, below are some results from Nesic. That's for Globe and Smart:


Dear Hiraya said...

I havent use Globe's connection so I cant comment on their speed but SmartBro and Sun were great. Between the two, Sun is the fastes in the metro but if you'll travel to provinces, SmartBro is dependable...

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