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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carmz: More Than Just My Kindness Project

I have adopted a 5 months pregnant woman who wanted to work for me so she can pay her debt and graduate from the Reflexology/Massage Therapy Course she is taking at Our Lady of Fatima Therapeutic Clinic Center.

I was so moved by her story and her wish to graduate despite the fact that she has no money.. And with her stories and kindness and her hard work, I have seen a very bright future already for her. I vowed to help her in whatever way possible, for as long as I am able to... I am not perfect, and I am not rich, but somehow I know that whatever help I can extend will make this world a better place to live in, as she is one beautiful person who is sent by God for a purpose, I have yet to discover.. And if financial constraints get along the way of my desire to help her, I leave the rest to God...

Anyway, if you have not started your ripple of kindness in this season of hope, I am inviting you to join us at

It may not be as grand as you can imagine. It may just be as simple as giving a candy or sharing a table or a seat with total strangers, but with this ripple of kindness, we make the world better, in our own special way....

As with kindnesses, I know I have given my share even before I have learned of this from, and it's nice to share what we have done so that others may be inspired to do the same. If we think about it, it all comes back to us. Maybe not repaid by the same person we helped or shared kindnesses with, but in times when we are in need, someone somewhere is always ready to lend a helping hand...

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