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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pepper spray: the all time girl's best friend

I read online about a girl who was able to escape a possible robbery and rape by merely using pepper spray. And I am really astonished as to how her escape proved to be a pain for her perpetrators..

Anyway, speaking of pepper sprays, and escaping danger. I came upon a site that specializes on just that; Girl's safety. That's, and Safety girls amazes me more as it specializes in multiple safety items for women in the work field. Their main product of sale is pepper spray, but they also have other safety products and clothing. What amazes me more is the fact that these safety gadgets and clothing are even more stylish and trendy for women to look good in them too. WOW!

Take for instance, the image below:

Technically, hard hats appear boring and in one color only. But at safety girl, the colors will really astound you...

Below are other products found for a woman's safety and protection...

Well, what do you think? Which reminds me, I think they will make a good addition to VDAY 2010 sponsors.. Hmm. Anyway, do visit their site, for more information...

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